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Pokemon shirts by Soulful on sale $14 (reg. $20)!

Solrock/Lunatone - Birdies - Horns - Dodrio

Lugia - Ho-Oh - Rayquaza


Transistor Concept Art And Wallpapers



Cela fait une semaine que je travaille sur mon cher John Bauer… Et c’est parti pour plusieurs mois, je crois…

‘Bland Tomtar och Troll ’ / ‘Among Gnomes and Trolls ’ by John Bauer, published 1913.



Cards of Legend ($15 USD)

Against mighty odds
Hero’s hands paired, drawn, and set
The Cards of Legend

These poker-sized playing cards are produced by the US Playing Card Company (USPCC), the same company responsible for the famous Bicycle card decks.

  • 56 Poker sized cards
  • Printed on Bicycle grade paper with embossed finish
  • Unique suits (sword, heart, rupee, tri-force) and face cards
  • Custom card backs (available in red and blue)
  • Custom tuck box
  • Gold foil security seal and cellophane wrapper with tear band

You know. For any other Zelda fan who NEEDS these. Buy ’em here!


Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Great Norse Mythology artwork featuring Idunn, Tyr, Odin, Freyja and Thor created by the ever talented gemmagould!


New sketches (which are actually a little old) for my very possible next comic book project in collaboration with Jonathan Garnier `v`/

More to come soon !


Colas Grasset


Pierre-Antoine Moelo